Delika TK

Delika TK BBook2 filly Django of Cacharel x Ymkje Z (Nykle)

DOB 20 January 2017

KFPS 201700042

We are blessed to be able to retain this little filly. From the start our policy was only to have Main Studbook mares in our purebred breeding herd as it gives the most versatility. With a Main Studbook mare we can select a stallion that suits her and be able to breed Main Studbook, BBook1 and BBook2. With this little filly Main Studbook is closed off to her but she is the one for whom we make an exception. The last foal of our Preferent mare Ymkje Z, her full brother (also BBook2) is a Keuring Champion which speaks to the quality of both Sire and Dam despite the studbook status. This really is what we are about – breeding the best quality we can for horses destined to be riding horses. It is however also a sentimental choice as she is the last in the line for us with the potential to breed as both her siblings, Jacana and Duvel are geldings and her surviving sisters are owned by others.

Losing her mother at a week old was not the best start in life but she is a determined character, full of life and totally oblivious to the big hooves she has to fill. Time will tell if she becomes a breeding mare but one way or another she will be part of Tashkent and Horsanity.

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