Fanny fan e’ Pikesyl (Fancy) First Premium Star (Sold)

Fanny fan e’ Pikesyl (Fancy) First Premium Star STB, Andries 415 out of Eartsje fan e’ Pikesyl.

DOB 23 June 2009

KFPS 528004200904633

Dwarfism Free, Hydrocephalus Free, EE

Fancy was imported in 2015 after a career in carriage driving and under saddle in the Netherlands. At that time she was in foal to Tonjes 459 with our hoped for combination of Ulke and Nykle lines in a filly to be retained. The result was Branik Tk (for sale) a colt,  so it was not to be.

After weaning her 2017 foal, Fancy went back under saddle in preparation for the March 2019 Keuring.

Fancy’s first foal, Branik TK, at barely three years of age, was awarded a Second Premium Star at the 2019 Keuring. Fancy improved her IBOP score, gaining 70%.

Fancy currently has a super filly foal at foot (also for sale) by Bastiaan 510.  She is available now on a payment plan and can leave after weaning – about June/July 2020.

Price $25,000.


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