Tashkent Djaguar

Tashkent Djaguar, Indigo Sport Horse, Django x Heza Blue Tomcat

DOB 02 December 2016

Registration AFWHS 1266

This young Blue Roan colt is being retained until we see if he is going to grow into the handsome talented stallion we hope he will be. To earn the right to be our next stallion he will have to be pretty special but so far he is proving to be a very tractable, even tempered young horse, quick to learn and a pleasure to work with.

There are a lot of dreams and hopes tied up in this young colt. A few years ago we fell in love with a Blue Roan Friesian Sport Horse and set about working out how we could breed one. We then came across the Murgese horses of Puglia, Italy, another ancient Baroque breed who are mostly black but have a small percentage of blue roan among their number. We thought it would be ideal to use a Murgese or two as our foundation stock to cross with the Friesians but also to breed pure. Sadly all the horses we looked at failed the quarantine requirement due to endemic piroplasmosis in Italy, a tick born disease. That took us back to the original drawing board of finding a suitable blue roan in Australia which meant looking at the Quarter horses.  We selected Heza a Blue Tomcat for his elegance , great temperament and rideability and despite not really standing at stud, his owner graciously allowed us two attempts to breed a blue roan foal. Of course we bred two beautiful foals – but both black tobiano (full siblings) Tashkent Valdenz and Tashkent Tokena). Finally however we had success with Django over Cherry (Sheza  Pretty Wild Cat) and Heza Blue Tomcat daughter and Djaguar has joined our herd. At the moment he is just a young colt growing up to see if he deserves to be a breeding stallion – and start a dynasty. An interesting colour can only ever be the icing on the top of a great horse, so we just have to see if there is greatness there waiting to mature from the gangly weanling.

As we have decided to cease breeding, Djaguar has been gelded and is being retained to be a riding horse for me.

His full brother , Tashkent Djucati, has been sold as a colt, so hopefully n the future we will see more “Indigo Sporthorses” from a line founded by Django of Cacharel and Sheza Pretty Wild Cat (Heza Blue Tomcat).